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Frame-Relay dlci Confusion posted 11/21/2008
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Hello GS !!!!

I am a little confused in this basic thing regarding frame-relay dlci.

Lets take 3 routers R1,R2,R3

R3 is the HUB and R1 and R2 are spokes

The Frame-Relay switch is configured in a full mesh configuration.

But the task asks to configure the routers in Hub and Spoke manner.

R1 , R2 and R3 must have ip and and

Disable inverse-arp on R1 and R2 so that they only learn dynamic mapping to

All config is to be done on Main interfaces.

Now the confusion is that ... when all configs are done correctly.

what must be the output of show frame-relay pvc command.

i mean R1 and R2 must have learned two dlci.

The one to R3 must be active........

what about the other ???? the one between R1 and R2.

What i get in Lab is some times it is unused but active and sometimes used and
active as well.

any idea ??


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