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Re: #22744 Chalk 1 up for the USA posted 11/21/2008
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Dude...where are we celebrating?

Anthony J. Sequeira, CCIE #15626, CCSI #23251
Senior CCIE Instructor


Internetwork Expert, Inc.
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On Nov 21, 2008, at 12:01 AM, Jonathan Greenwood II wrote:

Happy to report I passed my R&S exam today here in San Jose. Sitting in the
Days Inn right now to be exact. I found out my results a little to fast for
comfort. I was eating dinner at restaurant and the email from Cisco came
across my phone and I got that sick feeling because I knew I did good on the
exam and felt I passed. My results came back in less than 2hrs so I was
like I must have failed.

I was to eager to wait till I got back to the Hotel so I checked with my
phone in the restaurant and when I saw my # I couldnt believe it. Left the
waitress a nice tip and now I'm writing this story.

First off I got to thank the GOD its been a trying journey for me. Next I
send a special thanks to InternetworkExperts and their team. Brian Dennis,
Petr, Josh Finke, Athony Sequiera, and I'm sure there's some support guys
with their RackRental service, the whole IE team. Along with the friends I
made through this Journey Dale Kling, Anthony Faria, Peter Stephan, and
Oliver, Mr Azher. Their material was great I just had to figure out how to
tailor it to my learning ability, and not cut corners. I took their
12Daycamp back in June and after leaving it I felt dissappointed, and the
first thing I tried to blame was the format LOL of course its not me its
them, it sounded good at the time or at least it made me feel better for the
moment. Looking back on it the format/Material was perfect, I just wasn't
ready for that special #. I thought I was and felt I was but reality
slapped me in the face looking at my first score report. Brian was very
clear and upfront about how the process works and you really have to work at
it to achieve this success.

2nd attempt I took it 30days after the first and did worse than my first
attempt. Their was a Mock Lab camp back in Sept that had got canceled and
moved to Oct, like a jackass I didn't want to wait so I studied a little bit
thinking I could go in and wing it, LOL what a waste of money. 4th attempt
I settled and studied my ass off. I always felt I had what it took I just
needed to focus and really dedicate myself to the technology's. I was solid
in all my exams on the Core Technology's, each exam I got burnt on
QoS/Security. Qos/Security I became a damn expert over these past 2months,
I couldn't turn the page on these topics anymore I love it now. Finally
I re-sat their Mock Lab out in Dallas with Anthony Sequira at the end of Oct
I needed that to give me some motivation. After 3 attempts your start
feeling like maybe I'll put it away. Anthony I really appreciate your
support during the MockLab camp even though my job kept me away from Labbing
most of the camp lol I knew I was getting close by how fast I was moving
through the Mock Labs and More score's were damn near doubled from the first
time I took them in June. IE's MockLabs are the truth whether you like it
or not your will get the TRUTH from them. Excellent Hire Brian, Anthony is
a great instructor.

I passed on my fourth attempt, It would be a lie for me to say that I'm glad
I didn't get it on my first attempt I'm sure everyone would feel Super Happy
to pass on their first try. This 4th attempt is the ICING on the cake for
me, I can't even explain how I feel right now. I EARNED this one, no luck
involved, just hardwork and dedication this time around and each attempt I
got stronger and more pissed to finally buckle down and learn the things I
kept trying to avoid. The CCIE exam will weed out the folks who cut
corners you really have to earn it. Very few people slip by and I'm not
sure how. I stayed the course and just tailored the material to my schedule
and I didn't cheat myself this time. I know some of you out there that are
studying probably pass up sections thinking you won't get it in the lab
trust me you will. Save yourself the $1400 lunch and just buckle down and
learn the shit... I consider myself a well rounded invidual but I had to
become a nerd for this one and it's worth it in the end. Hard work always
pays off it may take awhile but success is always around the corner.
Looking forward to my next track with InternetworkExperts after I get a
little ROI with the new digits VOICE or SP. Sorry for the long post I could
write a lot more :) I'm just Happy today is my day!!!

Jonathan Greenwood II
CCIE# 22744

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