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OT: Problem at work posted 11/10/2008
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I have this problem at work, hopefully someone can give me some advice or
guidance before i make an decision.
Im a network engineer for a local ISP operation team, my manager oversee two
groups, one for internal IT desktop support and the  other one is for ISP
operation which i am in.

Problem 1, the supervisor from IT team constantly step over and trying to do
our jobs. there's nothing I can do, since he and my manager are really
close. I got really upset one time when he(IT guy) was  represented me for a
mpls project i am doing to our exec management meeting. When I questioned
his involvement, my manager told me he just helping us out. This is clear to
me, my role is just do the technical part and they will claims the credit.

Problem 2,  I spent hours sometime day to fix up some of the mistakes my
senior engineer did. some of those mistake as silly as duplex mismatch. This
is a problem and my manager refused to address it,  because they are
drinking buddy. :(  What's worse is not only i have to take care of my own
projects, my manager is able to make me finish the senior guy's projects as

I dont think i have much options left beside move on and find another job,
or comply  with whatever thats going on and suck it up.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.