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Re: ZBF same interface traffic ? posted 11/10/2008
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From this same article:

Zone-Based Policy General Rules

Router network interfaces' membership in zones is subject to several rules governing interface behavior, as is the traffic moving between zone member interfaces:
Traffic is implicitly allowed to flow by default among interfaces that are members of the same zone.

Nevertheless, I tested another IOS version and it works, so I guess
I'm hitting a "hidden feature".


Felix Nkansah @ 9/11/2008 21:50 -0200 dixit:
Oh OK.

I may have misconstrued some points being made in this article below

See the 'Zone Pairs' section.

Not ready to try your topology out now though.

All the best.

-- Carlos G Mendioroz <tron@xxxxxxxxxxx> LW7 EQI Argentina