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60 days out and looking for study partner posted 11/06/2008
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I am 60 days away from my R&S  2nd attempt Jan 8th in RTP. I feel I am
85-90% ready, and I am looking for a study partner for the last 10-15% in
the next 60 days.   I have my own full home rack that mirrors IE with the
exception on only having 3550's.   My study routine has been 2 hours a day
during the week, and 8 hour on either a Saturday or Sunday (I have Anthony
Sequeria to thank for that study routine, it has really helped).   I am
looking for one maybe two people to connect with for 30-45 min each weekday,
review and bounce questions off of. I have a conference bridge we can use
for more than 2 people.  And depending on schedule a couple hours on the
weekend.   I want to find someone who is 150% committed and maybe have their
lab date scheduled.  I want a person to be in no less that 65-70% ready to
take their own lab I don't have time at this point to work with someone in
the beginning of their studies.  Not to say that after I pass that I will
not be willing to give back to newer engineers working for this goal as
well, but just not at this time.  I don't care what workbook vendor you are
using, maybe someone with a different one might be a good idea.

But wait there is more... I know allot of people have tried study partners
and failed to keep motivated, so to make this offer even better here is what
I am willing to do.  To the 1 or 2 people who are willing to work with me
and help me pass this time I am willing to give free rack time in my home
lab during the hours  I am not using it (within some reason, prior
agreements, and terms).  I want to pass and would like to help others pass
as well, so that is why I am willing to do this.   If you agree and do this
with me and at any point I feel you are not 150% committed to this I will
revoke the free rack time offer.

My home rack is as follows...
R1 - 2610xm    12.4 Advanced Enterprise
R2 - 2610xm    12.4 Advanced Enterprise
R3 - 3640         12.4 Enterprise/FW/IDS Plus IPSec 3DES
R4 - 2611xm    12.4 Advanced Enterprise
R5 - 2811         12.4 Advanced Enterprise
R6 - 2611xm    12.4 Advanced Enterprise
SW1 - 3550-24port  IP Services
SW2 - 3550-24port  IP Services
SW3 - 3550-48port   IP Services
SW4 - 3550-48port   IP Services
BB1/FRS - 2522
BB2 - 2501
BB3 - 2501
Termserver - 2511
IPower - Power control 4 port
2 x APC UPS battery backups

If you are interested and SERIOUS about passing your lab and are willing to
PUT IN THE TIME let me know.  Again I can not stress enough that I only want
SERIOUS STUDY PARTNERS who are willing to do what it takes to pass!!!