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RE: PAYMENT STATUS posted 11/06/2008
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I had the same issue.

1. Logged a call with Cisco 25 days before LAB. 
  (payment status was still PENDING APPROVAL)
2. Went to the lab a day before the LAB.
  (payment status was still PENDING APPROVAL)

The payment only went through after 2/3 days after the LAB!!

I understand that this is not normal, and I had a special case. If I were
you, I would log a call with Cisco (Via the CCIE Lab Booking site), so that
you have a reference of the problem.

Also call the testing centre to confirm that there is a seat for you.

Hope this Helps


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hi all !

i paid by credit card 2 weeks ago.
but my payment status is still PENDING APPROVAL.
can any one tell me how long does it take to process payment?


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