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Did not reach the summit. posted 11/05/2008
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I messed my 2nd R&S lab attempt Tuesday.  In comparison to the first
attempt, I was able to handle time management better and get to all the
questions this time.  However, I left the exam feeling that it was close.
The scoring showed I was not as close as I thought.  I had missed some
categories that I though I had nailed down.  There were some questions that
I know I clearly missed, and others that I had reservations as to exactly
what they were looking for.  I suspect there were some small details that
were missed.  Many of the questions were clearly vague and probably mean to
be that way.

I am trying to decide what to do next.  Continue on with this self torture
or quit this all together.  I had spent about 1 = years studying and at
least 6 months of intense 20-30 hours per week studying.  I went though the
IE vol 1-3 (at least half of the labs twice), Cisco ASET and some 2 year old
GK boot camp materials.