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Re: MQC config and hardware queues posted 11/04/2008
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Cisco Press End-to-End QoS Network Design is the reference you need.

Let's see

There are a few RFC's as well:

2598 replaced by 3246

Let's see...

1. What exactly are you trying to do?  In your own words please.

2. What type of device are we talking about here?  Each has different
commands, features, and limitations.

3. Have you tried sending interesting traffic (AF11 or AF21) to this port
and typing "show policy interface g1/1/1" for example to see if you are
getting the desired effects.

Here's  a good ping script:

ping x.x.x.x rep 10000000 time 0 size 1400

And try it from two different devices.  You can use your switches to rewrite
the values to those you are testing against.  Maybe use one flow per port on
a given switch and then ping the destination IP Address.

When you apply your policy map you might want to test it with the "input"
versus "output" keyword since traffic will be coming inbound.

Ping me.. offline... if you need specific examples.