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Re: CCDE Study Materials posted 11/04/2008
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One of the nice things on this exam is that bootcamps IMHO will not do you much good. You are going to have a lot of experience and do a fair amount of studying on the parts that you don't deal with every day. 

Between the bootcamps and the braindumping that is so prevelent in some part of the world, the CCIE is really going down hill as witnessed by the explosion in the numbers. I hope that the fact that this exam changes the content completely each time it is given will protect it from the braindumps. 

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Hi! Those list of books are pretty good. The most effective book on the
list is the one by Russ White, Optimal Routing Design; he is one of the
CCDE SME's (subject matter experts). The link to the Cisco press book:

We do have a CCDE written study guide that is in the process of being
updated and is about 50% of the way there.

If you are looking for instructor led training for CCDE, we submitted
our CCDE written boot camp materials to Cisco a few months ago, and got
the "stamp of approval" on our content just recently. Per Cisco, we are
the only Cisco approved CCDE training vendor in the world. They have not
reviewed anyone else's content. We are in the process of updating our
website to reflect the new approved CCDE training course. The website
should be updated within the next couple days:

Feel free and email me offlist and I will let you know when the CCDE
written study guide is finished with the update.

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Team, I am thinking of changing from my CCIE pursuit to CCDE. I went
Cisco's website, found a list of recommended reading: But I was
wanting some more concise information since there are so many books to
What is everyone using to study for the first exam? Are you reading all
those books? Is there an easier way to study?

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