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RE: No politics pls posted 11/04/2008
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Well said, this crap is getting old.  All the fighting is like a bunch of kids
in a school yard.  Keyboard warriars going at it.

I thought this place was about Cisco related topics ...

I have never deleted so much sh!t out of this list in my life.  Almost need a
spam filter now.

Well said Huan, and Darby too had a good point.


From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Huan Pham
Sent: Tue 11/4/2008 3:00 PM
To: CCIE Lab
Subject: No politics pls


I wake up today with 100 or so emails of Obaba vs McCain, and the number keep
growing up. Are they new IEEE standards? Or maybe they are names of new

I am not seeking for answers to the above questions, but just your little
for the mailing-list, and its members by NOT reply to this email, and the
other OT topic in discussion.



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