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Re[2]: OT RE: Networkers for Obama posted 11/04/2008
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>Really? I wouldn't tie healthcare to socialism, if it wasn't the right who was doing it, let's see... probably for the last 
>30 years

Actually... no, that's not true.
The right has never pitched universal healthcare.  Universal healthcare requires funding (you
don't work for free, neither do doctors, radiologists, etc), and the democrats
would like to fund it using tax payer money.  They can't tax those who don't pay income
tax, so they would like to tax a 'bit more' from the wealthy... okay, a whole lot more. Okay,
it's actually just thievery... a particular type of thievery known as socialism
from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs
The folks tieing socialism to healthcare are the democrats.
NOTE: the government can't give squat to anyone unless they tax it out of some one...
or print paper...
which is a tax in the form of inflation, and nobody (rich or poor) escape that tax
Also, if the government 'got' universal healthcare, where are all the hospitals going
to come from?
Who is going to build a hospital if the amount of profit they can get from it
is fixed?
Answer: nobody
Where are all the radiologists, cardiologists, neurosurgeons, let alone
already scare RNs going to come from when their pay is going to be severly
Answer: nowhere
What is going to happen to the waiting time in the ER which is already at five
hours in Cleveland?
Answer: you'll die waiting
Where are the advancement in pharmaceuticals going to come from?
Answer: nowhere
Now, somebody will give us the answer that the government will build the hospitals
(more taxing from the wealthy...), and the government will give loans to 
students (more taxes, probably crappier worker) and the government will
mandate (how they'll enforce, we'll never know... they can't keep drugs
off the streets, but they can enforce ->) a maximum hold queue (wfq? wtf?).
They'll fund research into wonder drugs (but since you don't have to worry
about keeping your job and you won't get paid extra for long hours...)
Of course, taxing the wealthy will be an issue, because the suckers will leave
the country.  Oh, and we'll have less neurosurgeons ($250k and up), and
less radiologisits ($250k and up), and less entrepeneurs... but it'll be okay.
It's not like that group employe office staff... buy homes (construction)...
eat at fine restaurants (entertainment industry).... pay taxes (accountants)
or have any effect on the economy at all.
The president creates jobs... it's not the entrepeneur.
It's OKAY....
Because we'll have free healtchare (which is neither free nor really care of
anybody's health at that point)... and it'll be worth every penny
the person didn't pay for it.