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RE: OT RE: Networkers for Obama posted 11/04/2008
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Let's see were bush's tax rebate checks a redistribution?
Remember the lesson of the 2k debates, Bush did not have any foreign
experience but he got the benefit of the doubt anyways and still failed
We took a risk on bush's word on Iraq and we got screwed

But when it comes to Obama according to the right "too risky" "not enough
experience" so for bushies they get the free pass but anyone else well....

Wow how can everybody forget all the lies, controversy and mistakes from the
most secretive administration over the past 8 years?

The USA is the richest country in the world and this grand experiment worked
because of a mix of capitalism and progressive liberal social programs to
benefit the citizens, to bring the citizenry up.


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I love the way no one bats an eye when BUSH and McCain wrecks? the Country
with their neocon ideology ?then takes 700 Billion dollars of our TAX money
Gives it to the Rich , but when Obama says if you make more you should pay
more it becomes ....but not to worry its over
after today....

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Ya, socialism and wealth redistribution was started through taxation back in
1912. Going on forever.

At least with Texans, the world "socialism" in this campain really means I
hate black people ;)

On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 9:23 AM, Sadiq Yakasai <sadiqtanko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Obama or not, redistribution of wealth happens in the US right now!
> how do you explain socials??? how do you explain the millions that get
> treated in hospitals in case of A&E who cant later pay the bills? why is
> a problem when someone wants to *legalize* this?
> and for the "joe the plumbers" out there, how do u save enough in the
> place to be rich enough to even buy the business?
> Mccain has done much for ur country, but if i cld vote, i would vote
> :-)
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