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Re: OSPF VRF question posted 11/03/2008
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Another approach is to manipulate metric on "RIP" route when
redistributing it from MP-BGP into OSPF.

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On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 09:05, CCIE_SP <maniac.smg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Gents
> I need some help with traffic manipulation with OSPF running over a VRF
> HEre is the topology
>      VPNV4
> R4 ---------------------------- R5
>     OSPF area 0
> R1 --------------------------- R3
> Ok so its pretty simple, we have OSPF running between R4 and R1 in a VRF and
> between R5 and R3 in a VRF
> We also have OSPF running between R1 and R3
> R4 and R5 peer via BGP VPNV4
> Now there is a 3rd site i didnt add in but its just a site in the same VRF
> running RIP as the routing protocol. Those routes from Site 3 get into the
> routing tables on R1 and R3 as external routes obviously
> Now what would be the best way to tell R1 that to get to Site3 it must route
> through R3 then R5 then to Site3
> Can i use OSPF distance on R5 or rather change the OSPF cost on the
> interface on R3 that peers OSPF with R1 ?