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RE: confused over RIP posted 11/03/2008
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Yup, with parallel, B would learn A's Lo over both link. Split horizon kick
in, so B will not advertise Lo back the serial it learns, right? 

B would not re-advertise back link 1 (Split horizon)
B would not re-advertise back link 2 (Split horizon)

But why didn't it re-advertise the Lo from link 1 out of link 2 and from
link 2 out of link 1? Shouldn't it form a routing loop?

No filter was apply. I found the reason after I recall off-set feature.

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If the links are parallel, doesn't B learn A's Lo0 address on both links?

Have you tried what happens when you filter the update from A to B on
one of the links, but not the other way round?

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