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Re: MQC vs Legacy metods part2 posted 09/30/2008
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I may need some clarification from you, but see if this helps:

In the lab exam you will be presented with a task. The task will be made
up of requirements. You can use whatever tool you wish as long as you meet
those requirements.

For example:

7 QoS

Congestion Management
7.1 Configure the connection to R2 so that Web traffic destined for the subnet is guaranteed at least 512 K of bandwidth.

2 Points

When I read this I immediately begin a Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing
configuration which utilizes the MQC.

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Hi all! How can you understand where you should use MQC or Legacy QoS? Only
based on tips  like another QoS options in same direction on same interface?
Because based on that logic you should use Legacy QoS in most of tasks.

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