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[MailServer Resend] Re: Dynamips Switch Routed ports posted 09/05/2008
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Bogdan Sass wrote:
> patricknda@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have some problem with dynampis under windows XP.
>> When configuring a switched port for routing ( "no switchport"
>> command), after
>> few minutes it stops working and I cannot ping the port any more.
>> Can someone helps on that ?
>    I had the same problem several times. No idea what causes it, but
> usually a couple of shut/no shuts on the interface solve it. Seems to
> be a problem related to dynamips (the IOS logs something about "not
> being able to create internal VLAN" - unfortunately, I do not have a
> copy of the message on hand right now...)
    Here it goes again... and this time I'm saving a copy of the error

*Mar  1 03:22:35.775: %ESWILP_FLTMG-7-INTERNAL_ERR: Internal error: ***
failure to create entry in vtable/vlan 1008/unit 0
-Traceback= 0x603F5B88 0x624DE6C8 0x624C64C0 0x624CDBD0 0x624C6804
0x624DF2FC 0x604ADF88 0x604AD614 0x604A32D8 0x60432DB0 0x60450578
0x604F164C 0x604F1630

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