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Re: Got it! CCIE #21946 posted 09/04/2008
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Congrats Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 9/4/08, Rick Mur <rick@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi group,
> I can't explain how great the feeling is to be able to write this little
> e-mail!
> After about 10 months of study I got my number at first attempt today in
> San Jose.
> It's soo cool to see yourself in the verification tool.
> The lab was a really great experience just as the past 2 weeks at the
> Internetwork Expert bootcamp @ Reno,NV.
> I finished the lab in about 3,5 hours just after lunch and had plenty of
> time reviewing every question again and again. I think I read every question
> and examined every answer about 100 times, reloaded the rack 5 times, did
> tcl scripts 10 times. Just to be sure of every question.
> When I walked out of the building I had a really neutral feeling about the
> result. I knew I had checked everything but still didn't know what to
> expect, but a few minutes after 12:30pm the damned message: Your CCIE score
> report is now available, which makes it even more stressful when you have to
> log-in with 2 credentials before you see your result and luckily it was a
> fantastic one!
> I'd like to thank Scott Morris and Brian McGahan for giving an excellent
> bootcamp which really helped me to reach this exam level!
> Rick Mur
> CCIE #21946
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