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Re: Spanning-tree root bridge posted 06/20/2008
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You mean spanning.tree mst 1 root <primary|secondary>.
this command runs one macro that will decrease the priority of the switch where it is applied to a value that makes it become the root (but this will be done only when you apply the command, if in the future some new swich is added to the network with a lower priority than the root then this command is not going to work again by itself, the new switch will become the new root, also when you type "show run" you will not see the command in the output config the same way you entered it (just try)... see the following link:

so both commands make one switch become the root, which should you use depends on what you are requested to do....


akyccie schrieb:
Question: SW1 should be the root about mst Intance (1)

There are two way to achive the same


Spanning-tree mst 1 priority 0

spanning-tree mst 1 root bridge

Is there any difference here, which one is right way from exam point of view

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