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RE: Frame-Relay Query posted 06/19/2008
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If you are running IETF why do you just not change the Encapsulation
type on the main interface instead of doing it with the mapping command 

What IP address have you assigned on the S1/0 interface ? 

So in essence do this 

Int s 1/0

Enc frame-relay IETF 

Frame map ip 201 broadcast 

Frame map ip 201 broadcast

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Subject: Frame-Relay Query

Hi Experts,

I am trying to configure Cisco and non-Cisco router in hub-&-Spoke

Non Cisco router is using IETF encapsulation. If I have to ping my own
interface, do I have to provide IETF in mapping...

Sample Configurations of R2 are as follows:

R1 = Hub (non-Cisco Router)

R2 & R3 are spokes (Cisco Routers)

R2 Confs

Int s 1/0

Enc frame-relay

Frame map ip 201 br ietf

Frame map ip 201 ietf

Fram map ip 201 ietf --- need to confirm

Thanks for help in advance



Amir Tahir

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