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3750 broadcast traffic sent to svi blues posted 06/06/2008
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Good evening,


I am working on an issue where a high amount of broadcast data (15Mbps~) on
a vlan on a single 3750 with an SVI is causing the switch's cpu to run at
near 100% all day.


The users on this segment need to be routed to the internet etc, but the
broadcast does not need to be.


I tried to configure Control Plane Policing on the 3750, it has the
"control-plane" command to get into the control plane, but when I go to
attach a "service-policy input control-plane-policy"

it fails. the policy-map has a "police 128000 8000 exceed-action drop" etc
under the class broadcast. this class-map is matching an acl permit udp any
host, etc.


I also thought of using the rate-limit command on the svi, which has helped
us with 3640 routers in the past, etc.


Does anyone else have any other ideas? the broadcast HAS to work as fast as
possible between the physical ports in that vlan, but it should hit the svi
at minimal levels for testing, etc.