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Re: Interesting new feature in 12.4T that you may want to be aware of - Exclude Connected Prefixes in OSPF. posted 06/03/2008
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LOL... IS-IS had this feature long time ago... (i.e. "advertise-passive-only")

Mihai Dumitru
CCIE #16616

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 11:35 PM, Greg Wendel <gwendel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> From
> #wp1090207
> 2.2) Routing and Multicast  2.2.1) OSPF Mechanism to Exclude Connected
> Prefixes
> By default, when an OSPF router is connected to other OSPF routers via an IP
> numbered link, it automatically includes prefixes of IP numbered links in
> its advertisements. The OSPF Mechanism to Exclude Connected Prefixes feature
> enhancement provides the ability to exclude directly connected prefixes from
> advertising throughout the network.
> When this feature is configured, IP numbered link prefixes will not be
> advertised into the network, resulting in improved convergence times and
> enhanced security by excluding internal network prefixes from being exposed
> outside of the network.
> *Key Benefits:*
>  *Improved convergence, scalability and performance:* by excluding prefixes
> in OSPF advertisements, the network will converge faster, scale better.
> Performance of routers is improved by dealing with less number of prefixes
> in a network.
>  *Improved security:* by not advertising connected prefixes, OSPF area
> border routers or autonomous system border routers will not be able to
> advertise these prefixes outside of the network. This improves the security
> of the network by not advertising connected prefixes to external entities.
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