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Two QoS question posted 04/22/2008
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Hi Group,

I have two QoS question:

1) On a 2821 with IOS124-18 when I try to apply a policy-map out on the
Gigabit Ethernet Interface I always get the following errormessage, even if
I reserve only a total of 75% (class high 35%, medium 30%, low 10%)

I/f GigabitEthernet0/1 class high requested bandwidth 35%, available only 5%

It must somehow be box related, because on a 2611XM the same config works
-->> Any Ideas?

2) On a C3550 following setup  --R1--C3550--R2-- I configure a policer for
the class default and apply it to a FE Port. Than I ping from R1 to R2,
which should match my class default. I never see matches on the class
default with sh policy-map interface.

Is it not possible to only use the class default? Here my config:

policy-map CCIEpolicy
 class class-default
    police 1000000 187500 exceed-action drop
int fa0/4
service-policy input vlan11policy