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Re: Help with setting up Secondary ACS Server posted 04/18/2008
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Call TAC, they will be happy to help you.

On Apr 18, 2008, at 7:14 AM, Cacca Mucca wrote:


I'm going batty trying to figure out how to add a Secondard ASC Server so I
can replicate the database from the primary server and I was hoping the
Group can point me down the correct path.

Here is the scenario:

1. Primary ACS Server has been up and running for some time at the HQs
2. Loaded exact same version software and patches to a remote location
3. Modified both firewalls for all traffic between the two servers
4. Followed Cisco documentation (an oxymoron)
a. Added both servers as AAA Servers on both databases
b. They both have the same shared secret
c. Primary is configured to send and secondary is configured
to receive

Problem: Cannot get both servers to show up in the Partners box

Running Cisco ACS Server version 4.1



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