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regarding "ip multicast boundary <xyz> in" posted 04/07/2008
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Hello All,

I am trying to get "multicast boundary <> in" working and I need a few
Topology:     R0--------R1--------R2(fa0/0)--------(fa1/1)R3

I have pim sparse mode enabled on all the connected interfaces. with R1 as
the RP
I have clients configured on R0(ip igmp join-group for and

Now I have configured "ip multicast boundary 27 in"   on R2's fa0/0 and I am
trying to allow only group from R3.

My  access-list for 27 is like this
    deny   any

I see that I am able to ping to and also to, I was
expecting only to be permitted access(RPF suceess).

Could you please let me know what I am missing here.