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RE: LAB STrategy...Views posted 04/07/2008
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Wait, where is coming to Groupstudy and breaking the NDA?

Nobody answer this clown. He has been reported to Cisco. I was emailed about
his act.


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Subject: LAB STrategy...Views


We would like your thoughts on the LAB Strategy on how to approach the LAB

Is this sequence Ok

<1> EtherChannel / Trunking between Switches
<2> VTP Domain  / VLAN creation
<3> Assigning Ip addresses to all devices as per lab diagram<4> Frame-Relay
<5> Switching Question
<6> RIP
<7> Eigrp
<8> OSPF
<9> BGP
<10> IPV6
<11> QOS
<12> Multicast
<13> IOS Security / Management

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