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SPT Threshold posted 04/03/2008
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Dear GS,


In the config guide of Multicast (section large deployment IOS 124).


I'm not able to understand the process of switching from shared tree to
source distribution tree.

5. When data arrives natively (through multicast) at the RP, the RP sends a
register-stop message to Router A. >> why? Because the source shouldn't send
through the network unless the RP has registered clients for the multicasted
group (I'm assuming)?

6. By default, reception of the first data packet prompts Router C to send a
Join message toward the source. >> OK

7. When Router C receives data on (S, G), it sends a Prune message for the
source up the shared tree >> WHY, cz it will use the source distribution
tree from that moment on?

8. The RP deletes the link to Router C from the outgoing interface of (S,
G). The RP triggers a Prune message toward the source. 


Q also: Where exactly shall I apply an infinite spt-threshold to prevent SPT
switching? On the client router (host router) right?






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