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RE: set interface with a route map posted 04/02/2008
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Fast-switched PBR supports all of the match commands and most of the set commands, with the following restrictions:

The set ip default next-hop and set default interface commands are not supported.

The set interface
command is supported only over point-to-point links, unless a
route-cache entry exists using the same interface specified in the set interface
command in the route map. Also, at the process level, the routing table
is consulted to determine if the interface is on a reasonable path to
the destination. During fast switching, the software does not make this
check. Instead, if the packet matches, the software blindly forwards
the packet to the specified interface.

PBR must
be configured before you configure fast-switched PBR. Fast switching of
PBR is disabled by default. To enable fast-switched PBR, use the
following command in interface configuration mode : ip route-cache policy
To display the cache entries in the policy route cache, use the show ip cache policy command. Use the show ip policy command to display which route map is associated with which interface.

> Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 15:57:22 -0600
> From: langmaack@xxxxxxxxx
> To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: set interface with a route map
> Hi guys,
> Recently I was trying to do one of the internetwork expert sections in which
> nat on a stick should be configured.
> The solution includes a policy based routing in which traffic coming from an
> specific network should be routed to a loopback which has an ip nat inside
> statement. In order to forward the traffic to the interface they use a
> route-map:
> route-map NAT permit 10
> match <match an access list>
> set interface loopback 0
> However, when I try to set the interface command, the router displays a
> message that says something like the set interface command should only be
> applied to non broadcast interfaces. (I don't remember the exact wording)
> Unfortunally I don't know what IOS version I was using because it was a
> racktimerentals session and I didn't write the version down.
> Could someone tell me if this is a bug? Or could it be the IOS version?
> Thank you guys,
> Enrique
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