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Re: (no subject) posted 01/31/2008
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Just one thing to think about: 2 weeks ago I was in my first lab attempt in
San Jose CA I stayed in Hotel 10 min from Cisco buildings the distance
between the hotel to the Airport was ~30mil just under 40 min drive the taxi
took 120$ and I drought he had a CCIE, so in relation to that a hour fee can
change based on location as you may be able to charge 120 - 150 per hr in CA
but in DC you will be able to charge 250$ per hr or in India you will not be
able to Charge more then 50$ per hr, so it is really a location dependent.

Also another suggestion if you want to continue in your line of work IT do
not quit anything stick in your quest to achieve goals as it is not only
good for your prestige it is also show character and as we are in a
capitalistic world it also pay the rent. and it doesn't meter if you will
pursue Cisco or other (forgive me John Chambers) like Juniper (growing

On Jan 30, 2008 5:16 PM, Darby Weaver <darbyweaver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This may be true.
> Jospeh Brunner quotes some nice rates and I guess as a
> trainer and as an outsourcer (I understand he might
> hire out soem of his students from time to time), then
> yes, contract rates may be exceptional - $150k or even
> $150.00 per hour in NY or elsewhere.
> However, it seems most CCIE and CCIE-level positions
> seems to get to about the $125-150k plus benefits and
> bonus.
> With that said I recall hearing of a CCIE in my own
> company working at a site for a about 1/2 the low
> figure.
> I know of a double CCIE personally who was a double
> and doing 80k till he got a few years of seasoning,
> and I'd have to check but with a CCIE RS/Security and
> signicicant VoIP experience working for a Gold Partner
> he may still be under $125k base.
> So... for most of us, I think $100-125k is going to be
> the rate for a while.  Contract rates will differ
> somewhat depending on conditions. $150k may be the
> tops.
> Just a few observances...
> Personally myself and a coworker were speaking of this
> yesterday actually came to the conclusion that a CCIE
> certification pretty much qualifies one to volunteer
> for travel, and extensive travel at that at least for
> our company.
> Myself, I'm too close to quit the IE quest now however
> mypartner is fairly experienced and ties knots with
> the IOS on a daily basis...  the last quote from TAC
> to him was "Is there any feature that you didn't
> use..."
> But newbies may have a harder time trying to justify
> the time and expense required to earn the CCIE, when
> there are so many easier roads to follow that require
> so much less dedication and regimen to achieve.
> --- EdmondsSG@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > I'm not sure that having IE means $$$ in the market
> > place anymore - maybe
> > for people running bootcamps etc and the like - but
> > not in my world....
> >
> > I would think theres more money to be made in
> > advising others how to pass
> > than in say a bank isp etc ..
> >
> >
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Shiran Guez