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Re: r/s material posted 01/30/2008
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Whatever labbook you go for be sure to use on rich on technology labs. I use IPexpert at the moment and it's fine so far. I can't speak about the other vendors..yet. There are only so many hours in a day.

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Any chance we can stay on topic here?  Look at the start if you have any
questions regarding this.



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I know americans like to say 'bottom line' a lot as well as 'let me tell you


The 'bottom line' is if you cant do all the basics very well you are
knackered where you throw everything together. This can include getting OSPF

working over frame and understanding split horizon hassles with other IGPs.

Small labs work and hours pummeling away at them. Just a few routers and a
couple of switches provides fun for all the family. Solie is good. Duggan
still good for later on. Cisco Press books and CCO provide lots of small
scale situations to master in terms of how stuff works and getting it to

As for bigger labs..understand what you are being asked to do, know a few
ways to do it, choose the *correct* way (ask proctor), do it..verify it
works doesn't break something else.

And be able to do all the above in a timely fashion. It takes lots of
understanding (books and worked examples on equipment, observation) and

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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 2:05 PM
Subject: RE: r/s material


One should learn technology by technology even and
especially when trying and before trying multiprotocol

Let's face it, in every lab we face, the very first
thing we must do is ensure that a given protocol works
and works well and as expected to.

If we jump right into multiprotocol labs, particularly
those offered by our vendors, then we are kind of like
jumping into World War Three without the benefit of
attending marksmanship training first.  Seriously
since the bullets are flying in all directions and all
at once.

Mastering each topic is probably the single-most
fastest and most efficient way to master the CCIE lab
and yes... hindsight is 20/20 - even though, I've been
saying this for a while and not living up to it as
well in some cases.

But looking over products like Soup To Nuts and
Advanced Technology Labs and using such products with
COD/VOD Training and all of this at the same time with
select Cisco Press books and the DOC CD close at
hand... is very valuable.

If while doing it, one has a chance to turn on debug
and then turn on a feature and watch the fireworks,
then one learns a measure faster and knows "exactly"
what happened.

But then hey...  where would we be without people
asking questions who for some reason have not seemed
to lab it in the first place.

--- Santi <ccie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Good Material?  There is Narbik Kocharians, at, and you can ping him
at narbikk@xxxxxxxxx ,
if you have any questions.  Internetwork Experts is
also excellent.  I don't
have first hand experience with IPExperts, but I
know several people that
believe that Scott Morris' material is very good.

Personally, I work with Narbik's stuff most of the
time and IE, once in a
while.  Narbik's material is broken down by
technology, with explanations.


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Would anyone offer their opinion on r/s lab
workbooks?  I know Brad and have
purchased some products in the past but would even
appreciate an opinion on
his newer stuff.



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