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RE: Multiple IEs posted 01/29/2008
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I would agree with that.  Additionally, going for another might help to
round out your CCIE specialty.  For instance, busting my butt for the CCIE
R&S would help me to better understand the underlying network, traffic and
flows when I wish to really tear up security.  I have been in the security
field for 8 years now and still learning a lot.  However, when I worked with
a couple of engineers that had their CCIE R&S, this really forced me to step
up and learn more about the network. In fact, they created IE level problems
for me to solve and that had to be integrated into a security solution. This
forced to learn about the various protocols and technologies much more

So, since I really wanted to be more than just someone with a single CCIE in
security, I also wanted to assure myself that I had more than just a CCNP
level of expertise in networks.  After working with CCIE R&S engineers, I
quickly learned that there was much more to the network which is paramount
to a real solid security design. So, I am studying for the IE R&S before
obtaining the IE Security.  

I hope this is a good plan.

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I think it is because in the first one we all get kind of "weird" and
pretty much become study addicts:)

PD (#16842)

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Why do so many people get their first IE, then immediately go for a
Is almost like they get the IE in say R/S and think .. thats it ..I know
all now - I can move on to something else.
But it takes years to become a true 'EXPERT' in any field - so dont  let
certifications grandiose title fool ya!
Build on what you have learnt through exam study - become a true expert
and you will be a man my son ..

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