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Re: How do i block google talk on a Firewall ? posted 01/25/2008
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I don't think that works. simple because if you take out are several other talk servers, its not good
enough to track all of
them and block because you might eventually block gmail itself. The only way
to do it would be using IPS. I guess this was some time last year i had
posted a solution for blocking the same on netpro, more people had
contributed to the same.


On Jan 24, 2008 4:44 AM, Radioactive Frog <pbhatkoti@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Just block below ports...
> * What ports does Google Talk require? *
>  If you're having trouble connecting to Google Talk through your firewall
> or
> proxy, it may be because some necessary ports are blocked.
> In order to connect to Google Talk and start sending IMs, you'll need to
> enable TCP connections to on port 5222, or on port 443.
> If you'd like to make calls or transfer files through Google Talk, you
> need
> to:
>   - Enable UDP connections to anywhere on any port; or
>   - Enable TCP connections to anywhere on port 443.
> If you're behind a public or corporate network that is blocking these
> ports
> or protocols, please contact your local network administrator for further
> instructions.
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