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RE: Its my turn now CCIE #19834 posted 01/25/2008
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Congratulations Gupta!
> Subject: Its my turn now CCIE #19834> Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 13:50:14 +0530>
From: gopal.gupta@xxxxxx> To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > Hello Everyone,> > I
was desperately waiting to write this Email.> All those who used to write this
Email I used to show to my fianci and tell> her hope someday I will write this
Email. And today is my day!!!!!!!> My heartiest thanks my GOD, he showered his
blessings over me and I passed> the exam at first attempt.> It's all because
of my parents and my love Poonam, who always kept on saying> study
study......and prayed for me.> My friends Mayur, Aman, and Gaurav were the
moral and technical support for> me.> I really thank the Proctor for his
co-operation to bear me in the exam> I took my exam on 17th January in Dubai.
After the exam,I didn't check my> results, Farhan you really showed daring to
check ur results yourself on the> spot, but I couldn't.> Till next morning
until I reached my place back from the Exam, I was just> thinking how to go
for the next attempt, how to manage my preparation and> all.> but as soon as I
reached , my Fianci didn't stop smiling, I still didn't> understand why is she
smiling, she told me that I have cleared the exam, and I> didn't believe it
until I myself checked on internet, it was really precious> moment for me to
hear this great news, I could not believe that I am a CCIE> now till next 2-3
days.> Both of the Brian Dennis and Brian Mcghan are super duper hit, I
strongly tell> you that when I joined group study on May 2007, and the people
asking> questions there, I really used to think that I even don't know what
are they> asking. But when I got IE CODs and workbook, I learnt most of the
stuff from> there, and was capable of understanding the questions and answers
at least,> then I didn't see behind and kept moving for Eight months day and
night> feeling that I am very behind. The last 2 months I don't know when I
sleep and> when I eat and when I practice.> On the Lab Day, at the last moment
in the exam, I made a huge mistake, to> forcibly attempt a question that was
breaking my reachability, so I was in a> doubt that it would deduct many marks
, but all went well and I got my> number.> For those who have to take their
exams , I will strongly recommend that don't> forcibly attempt anything you
don't know and after doing every question, keep> on crosschecking that you
did, is perfect. Don't overlook the question read it> carefully, that's only
where the crux is and fight till the last second of the> exam, don't give up,
there was one question that took more than 45 minutes for> me but I believed
that I can do this and finally got it.> > Tips:- First complete your exam, and
then come back to the missed ones that> you didn't attempt or were not
crosschecked.> > I really thank to GS, from where I learnt a lot and heartiest
thanks to all> people here for prompt answers of my stupid questions.> I don't
say that I am perfect but I believe in :- "Practice Practice again> makes a
man perfect" Don't be discourage and Just practice a Lotsss n lotssss> on your
rack, finally you will get your one.> Thanks once again to all of You.> >
Gopal Gupta (Gops)> CCIE #19834> >
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