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RE: BGP-Next hop self ? posted 01/23/2008
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Route reflector is only using to resolve split horizon problem.U can use BGP-Next hop self or run IGP 
> Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 22:44:20 -0500> From: gwendel@xxxxxxxxx> To: mpls1979@xxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: BGP-Next hop self ?> CC: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > I don't think route reflector will help because the problem is that your> next hop is not reachable. Route reflector would only help if your IBGP> clients weren't receiving the routing. Use next hop self or advertise the> network into your IGP to fix this.> > There are some really good discussions recently on the list regarding> next-hop-self.> > Hope this helps,> Greg,> > On Jan 22, 2008 11:03 AM, Monica Belluci <mpls1979@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:> > > I got ip prefixes learned from my IBGP peer<that prefixes originated> > from its another EBGP peer.On my router That prefixes are not "Best"> > due to no next hop address reachability & not added to my routing> > table Can I forward that prefixes to my next IBGP peer by using> > route-reflector client?> > If no Why ?> >> > thanks> > Monica> >> > _______________________________________________________________________> > Subscription information may be found at:> >> >> > > > -- > Gregory Wendel> Springfield VA, 22153> > _______________________________________________________________________> Subscription information may be found at: >
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