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RE: Broadcast Usage in Frame Relay posted 01/21/2008
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If you map more than one address to the same pvc and use "broadcast" on more
than one, what happens?   Is this a bad thing?

Note, you'll want to use "debug ip packet" to help answer that first
question.  Then in your second question, ask it again for the lab
environment versus a real-life environment.  You may reach different

But the usage is tied to the need to use a frame-relay map command.  In your
P2P subinterfaces, you don't need to, so the question is moot.  But again,
try setting it up with no broadcast parameters at all.  Debug.  Set up one
map statement as broadcast.  Debug.  Set up all of them as broadcast.

What's the difference?


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Subject: Broadcast Usage in Frame Relay

Does anyone know and/or have a good reference for Broadcast usage as it
pertains to Frame Relay?  I looked through several frame relay broadcast
related sections in the DOC CD (e.g. 12.4 -> WAN -> Config -> Frame Relay
and also the Command Reference section), but found that they were all quite
vague.  I've heard and seen several "rules" pertaining to its use such as:

- only use it once per DLCI per interface (or subinterface if that's what
you happen to be using) instance e.g. 

r1(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 101 broadcast
r1(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 101          //don't use it here

- only use it on one end of point to point (not subinterface actual
point-to-point, but rather a general physical interface point to point
scenario) connection e.g.

r2(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 201 broadcast
r5(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 501            //don't use it here

I've heard of other "rules" as well, but have been lacking to find any
reference of this usage in the DOC CD, where I'm trying to base the majority
of my study/preparation from.  Any ideas/comments etc?  

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