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Re: failed first attempt posted 01/20/2008
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Sorry to hear you did not pass the exam. Failure is part of this game ....
(the part that we do not like).
Do not get too depressed becuase of your first attemp. Try to take several
days or weeks off the CCIE stuff, let your mind to rest.
After you charge your batteries get back to study and build a new study
plan. Try to asses your weaknesses and strenghts, and build the plan based
on that.

I followed your blog, read your posts - and sure you can make it next time !


On 1/18/08, shiran guez <shiranp3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jan 16 2008 I wish I had a number to display here.
> I have started my study to the CCIE from mid 2006 and I am still in the
> run
> to become
> CCIE, first attempt was hard interesting disappointing all in one, I got
> to
> San Jose Tasman Drive 150 Bldg C,
> at 7am (yes 30 min before they even opened the door) and I would like to
> tell you for toughs of you the was never
> in San Jose Cisco Headquarter that is really one of the mind blowing
> places
> to be there is a
> full street with only Cisco buildings the road to Cisco if you want to
> guss
> is called "Cisco Way".
> So I was there as early as possible and try to get into the atmosphere of
> the area when other
> candidates started arriving 90% USA local candidate and only me and one
> other person where from out of states.
> One of the proctors arrived at 8:20 am and gathered us for initial
> briefing
> and dividing us to our station, I will
> not elaborate on the details to not brake the NDA.
> overall experience was good and I know what to do to move on to my next
> attempt hopefully will be the final for this
> track. now I need to find some more cash to finance my second attempt, as
> the only problem I have with the exam is the
> amount of money I need for each attempt.
> flight = ~1000$
> 2 - 3 night hotel = ~600$
> Exam = 1400$
> Other = ~400$
> Total = ~3400$ for each attempt not counting the work days lost and
> preparation lab rent
> Just overall review the parts that failed my exam where Multicast QoS and
> Security.
> IGP BGP IPv6 IOS features all 100% PASS
> so to all you out there don't give up, you are not alone, I know I am not!
> --
> Shiran Guez
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