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PASSSSSSSED CCIE19820 posted 01/18/2008
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Hello Everyone,

With the blessing of Allah Almighty the most beneficent and
merciful,  I have passed CCIE Lab exam on 15th january in Dubai.

After two years of stress and studies i cannot imagine that i have passed
the exam. Some time i  though its impossible and some time seems near,Thanks
to my family for understanding and leaving me alone with my Rack, And
specially Kashif Rashid  and lots of friends and study partners for their
encouragement ans support

Here i would like to thanks Narbik Kocharian, Brian Dennis and Brian
Machgan, Scott Morris and all CCIE group study contributors.

As most of us i have used following for my preparation:

   1. Narbik Kacharians Boot camp
   2. Narbik Advance Technology WB and Soup to Nut
   3. Internetwork expert work book 4.1
   4. IE  Advance technology labs
   5. IE Labs breake down sessions ( only 8 labs are released)
   6. IE Mock Labs
   7. DOC CD (

I just want to say to all candidates that keep on studying it will take time
to reach that point. Dont be  discourage and KEEP ON STUDY and practice.

see you all for Service Provider CCIE

Bilal Khan
CCIE 19820