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RE: urgent Help required, lab on 18th Jan 2008 but no visa.... posted 01/14/2008
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Hi M Hussain,
If you can get a letter from the embassy clarifying that you already applied
for the VISA in specific date and they need more time to check your document
to grant you the VISA, it will be more effective than Doctor/Virus story in
front of them.
Try to find sold legal reasons for your case before exam date to let them
"may" accept your request to get another date; otherwise you will lose your

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To: 'Cisco certification'
Subject: urgent Help required, lab on 18th Jan 2008 but no visa....

hello to every one on Group Study,

I m ready for my lab exams on 18th of january 2008.

But i m not able to get my visa (Belgium) until now, as embassy need further
time to grant  me a visa.

i called cisco, opened a TAC case.

but they said i can't get any refund, and also no possibility to get any
and i will lose my money.

i explained that i got sick for 10 days, doctor asked me not to go outside,
i was infected by Virus.
i explained every thing. but they are keep saying they can't do any thing...

can some one suggest me what i can do....???????????????????

Please this is really urgent.

as i seen one guy here some days ago...........he had the same situation,

but he got another date..........not the refund...

waiting for yours response guys........

take care

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