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RE: Need Explanation on WRED posted 01/10/2008
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You don't really have an average queue length.  You have a 3 areas that
traffic can fall into:

1. under the min-threshold - traffic is safe
2. between the min threshold and max-threshold - traffic may be dropped
according to mark-prob-denom
3. over the max-threshold - traffic will be dropped

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Subject: Need Explanation on WRED


in configuring WRED using Random-detect interface command based on IP
precedence where the Precedence, Min-threshold, Max-threshold and
Mark-prob--denominator parameters are deployed.

1.   what does my average queue length represent:

2.  why should packet be drop when my average queue lenght equals the
Min-threshold and not just when it equal the Max threshold for that

I need explanation on this.

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