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RE: IE R&S lab 3... try this out ! posted 01/08/2008
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Hey Navid,

I personally welcome discussions about specific labs on GS, but if you
really want to find a group that's more focused on what you're grappling
with, consider the IE forums.  You'll get two things:

1.  A bunch of posts from those who have gone before you.  Most issues you
face will have come up for discussion.
2.  On any given day, probably at least one or two others who are currently
going through the same lab and thus have it presently configured in their
rack.  If you don't find your issue, start a new thread and someone is sure
to come along sooner or later.  So that's where I go 99 times out of 100 for
issues with specific labs, personally.

I don't remember this specific task, but a quick review shows something like
three or four Task 4.9 threads for this lab, so maybe one of them hits on
your concern...



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Subject: IE R&S lab 3... try this out !


if one of you has recently done lab 3 of IE....

try this : AFTER task 4.9, shut down interface e0/0 on R4 (vlan 4)

you will see that a route to vlan 4 loops between R1, R2, R3 and R5, 
never reaching vlan 4 of course

=> is this normal ?
if not, how can we avoid this ?


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