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Re: dot1x posted 01/07/2008
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* Joseph Saad wrote:
!!!! guest-vlan will be used if the client doesn't support dot1x  (i.e. EAP
packets aren't detected)
    fail-auth VLAN will be used when client  fails authentication.

Thanks for the hint, I didn't know this feature exists (did my studies with 12.2(25)SEC).

aaa authen login CON none
aaa authen login VTY line

line con0
login authen CON

line vty 0 15
login authen VTY

This reduces the risk when accidentally changing the default method
later and break requirements or lock yourself out.

!!! this obviously require the definition of "username U password p" statement ... but I could be stating the obvious.

Username entry in the local db is not needed, the VTY method uses the line password (assuming it was there in the initial config).