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RE: comments from 1st time fail posted 01/07/2008
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Sad story that will end in bright note.... will definitely do it in your next attempt.

Why don't you try IE, that will not only kick ur A$$ but butts only to
give you your magic number?...enough preaching now back to work.


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well, last week I took my lab and failed.  I wasn't sure what to expect,
but after many months of studying, I thought I was ready and after
reading so many posts, had to face the dragon myself.

I realized about 60% of the way through the lab, that my speed wasn't up
for configuration and quickly getting to a solution.  I found I was too
slow at thinking of the commands, the steps, and the process for solving
the question.  Practice, practice is what I needed more of.  I now think
that when you read a question you need to have the answer/solution pop
into your head naturally like you are taking your next breath.  I also
fell into the trap of trying to solve questions that were driving me
crazy, and I thought to myself "i have to fix this" and I would, but it
would take me too long.

Strangely enough, taking the lab was kind of a confidence boost, meaning
- I am close and can pass it, its doable.  An expensive learning lesson,
but many doubts about the exam and myself are gone.

Back to my ipexpert labs, they kick my a$$, and I know that when they
can no longer do that, its time to attempt the lab again.  Hope this
helps others.
* I took the lab in SJ, proctors were great, atmosphere was professional
and the whole experience was fine.  I got to keep my watch on, although
they did check it! and I forgot to scope the watermellon juice.


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