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IEWB Labs 10 - 20 -- Any Must-Dos? posted 01/06/2008
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Hi all,


I'm pretty heavily loaded up with mock/assessor labs, some final online
training, and review of IE/Narbik training materials (along with copious
notes in most cases) in these final few weeks of lab prep.  As some of you
know, I run somewhat of a strange lab, with Dynamips for routers and
3560-8PCs for switches.  Since those switches only have nine ports each, I
have to do  some reverse and re-engineering of the L2 aspect of each and
every lab I do.  It's actually an enjoyable challenge and I have found a way
to complete each and every one of the first 10 labs with full functionality
(oh, I may have to drop a three-port Etherchannel to two or even one here
and there, but that's a pretty minor impact as far as big-picture lab
functionality goes).  

Having said all of that, every hour spent tinkering is an hour of lab prep
lost.  Thus, I doubt seriously that I'll get through all 20 before I hop on
that plane.  Over the course of time, I've seen posts from some of you with
really good memories regarding how lab so-and-so really brought something
home for you.  If you could only do say five of the final 10 labs, which
would they be?  A few words as to why would be an appreciated bonus!

Cheers all,