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IPExpert Lab 21 posted 12/26/2007
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Dear all,

I want to ask some questions about IPExpert lab 21. Some of them
are not technical question but the way to understand what is the task request
us to do.

1: In the switching part, it request us to change the spanning tree
age timer to 20. But I don't see any config relate to spanning-tree timer in
the final config. Is that "age timer" means max age in the result of "show
spanning-tree vlan xx"?

sw1#sh spanning-tree vlan 12
  Spanning tree
enabled protocol ieee
  Root ID    Priority    32768
             Cost        19
             Port        24
             Hello Time   2 sec  Max Age 20 sec  Forward
Delay 15 sec
  Bridge ID  Priority    32780  (priority 32768 sys-id-ext 12)
Address     000a.4186.a680
             Hello Time   2 sec  Max Age 20 sec
Forward Delay 15 sec
             Aging Time 300
Interface        Role Sts
Cost      Prio.Nbr Type
---------------- ---- --- --------- --------
Fa0/24           Root FWD 19        128.24

2: What is the meaning of "add loopbacks as deemed necessary"?? I
just put the loopback into routing process. Is that the task request to put
the loopback subnet as external route?

3: in the BGP part, it use "neighbor
x.x.x. local-as" to make R4,5,6 look ask AS600 in R7. But I don't think it
will work for the R2, which under AS610.

 YM - i"g7h(
e01g.d= f2f	d8
g62o<d= gfed;
f/g5&d= o<g6d= d8
3ge0o<d;;d=h**h)1i=eh50e$1c