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Re: Scott, Please help with DISTANCE command!! posted 12/16/2007
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             Use the distance command without the access-list. If you have
access to Jeff Doyle Volume 1 second edition, the concept is explained on
page 723.

Router ospf 1
distance 80


On 12/16/07, Sridhar Vaidyanathan <vsridhar83@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Following is a scenario, which I have asked before but couldn't find a
> suitable reply.
> EIGRP            OSPF
> ----------R1-----------R2
> EIGRP            OSPF     |
> ----------R3------------|
> Both R1 and R3 is redistributing EIGRP routes into OSPF. R3 would load
> balance across the 2 routers to reach EIGRP routes assuming that R1 and R3
> are passing the EIGRP routes with metric-type of E2 and an equal metric.
> I am using DISTANCE command at R2 to match the route which should be
> preferred via R3. The route is being learned from both R1 and R3 as mutual
> redistribution has been configured between OSPF and EIGRP on both R1 and
> R3.
> I am also using the source ip address as the router-id of the R3 in the
> distance command. Below is the configuration on R2
> router ospf 1
> distance 80 1 (Where is the router-id of R3)
> access-list 1 permit
> This however, is not working. The above configuration changes the AD for
> both the routes from both R1 and R3.
> Please help me in understanding and solving this.
> Thanks,
> Sridhar.
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