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Distance manipulation using 'DISTANCE' command posted 12/12/2007
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Hi All,

Following is a scenario,

  EIGRP            OSPF
  EIGRP            OSPF     |

Both R1 and R3 is redistributing EIGRP routes into OSPF. R3 would load
balance across the 2 routers to reach EIGRP routes assuming that R1 and R3
are passing the EIGRP routes with metric-type of E2 and an equal metric.

Can distance command be used to influence R2 to prefer to route through R1.
It seems that distance command only works when the route is learned through
two different routing protocols. It is ineffective when a route is learned
by the same routing protocol through two different paths. In this scenario,
the distance changes for both the paths.

Can someone throw some light on this.