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RE: Passed at SJ first try, my lucky number 19566!!! posted 12/08/2007
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Congrats Saul.... on the spectacular achievement. Time to get in touch with
humans now.

> Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 20:21:06 -0500> From: ggombas@xxxxxxxxx> To:
saul.arjona.bueno@xxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: Passed at SJ first try, my lucky
number 19566!!!> CC: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > Wow all those certs in a year
and a half! Awesome!> > Congrats!> > On Dec 8, 2007 1:55 PM, Saul Arjona
<saul.arjona.bueno@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:> > I just wanted to thank everybody on
this group for the great support,> > specially but not limited to the Brians,
Scott Morris, Narbik, Tarun, Joe> > Brunner for taking the time to answer
almost all the questions made on this> > group which I think is a great
learning tool.> >> > I studied for over a year, I started on May for CCNA, on
October did CCNP,> > November CCDA December CCDP, March CCIE written and
Yesterday did the Lab> > exam after nonstop studying for a year and a
half!!!!> >> > I used the following material for the CCIE studies> >> >
Routing TCP/IP Volume I and II> > CCIE Routing and Switching Official
Certification Guide> > Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols> > BGP Internet
Routing Architectures> > Internetwork Expert CODs> > Internetwork Expert
Advanced Technology Labs> > Internetwork Expert Core Labs> > Internetwork
Expert Work Book> >> > And a lot of resources from Cisco UniverCD> >> > And
after all that my number is CCIE 19566 !!!!!> >> > Thank you all, I will keep
subscribed to this list hoping I can help someone> > too> >> > -Saul> >> >
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Subscription information may be found at: >
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