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RE: ACL Question - Can you fix it? posted 12/08/2007
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Sorry, Abo but I think this is wrong. The ACL should only block (according
to original email):

Your ACL will also prevent all other hosts ending with an even number (which
is not required). For example,

Hope this makes sense?


Hi Derby 
we can use 
permit ip any --> to permit odd numbered Linux boxes

deny ip any any : to deny Windows machines --> not needed :) 

best regards
~Abo Zaid

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From: Darren Johnson [mailto:dazza_johnson@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 08 December 2007 10:31
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Subject: RE: ACL Question - Can you fix it?

Hey Darby, what better way to start the morning than with an ACL question

I got it down to 3 :-(

Perit any

The prevents me from using this 2-liner:

Perit any

Do you know the answer?


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Sent: 08 December 2007 00:53
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Subject: ACL Question - Can you fix it?

Access Lists. 

Assume that the network has a
collection of Linux and Windows PCs on it. The
addressing scheme is such that the Linux PCs have the

and so on through to (odds) while the
Windows PCs have the addresses

and so on through to (even).

All the PCs connect to the core network via a router
on the same subnet.

One day all the Windows PCs get infected by a virus
and start sourcing large amounts of network traffic.
Your task is to create an access list to be used on
the router for the subnet which drops all network
traffic from the Windows PCs while allowing traffic
from the Linux PCs.

Can you create an ACL with just two access list
entries that will match traffic sourced from all the
Windows PCs and drop them while allowing all other

Subscription information may be found at:

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