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Re: Be posted 12/07/2007
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I think it's in Odom. But that won't help you. A tattoo perhaps ;)

I will look at the Doc CD and see what I can find.

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Subject: RE: Be

Is this formula on the documentation site we have access to in the lab? If
so, where?


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Hello there,

Be= ( AR - CIR) x TC

AR= 45 MB
CIR= 10 MB
TC = 50 ms


On Dec 7, 2007 10:35 PM, Gaurav Prakash <gsinl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


If Tc = 50 ms & CIR = 10M over a 45M interface how to calculate Be, if
customer wants max brust...

CIR * Tc=Bc
Be= ?


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