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Re: I know this CCIE who wouldn't know a packet if it hit him in the ass! ~CCIE Interview Qs~ posted 12/05/2007
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Darth, Are you a CCIE? I don't see your number. But what would you hate to
be asked in the interview? that's the question i would ask.
I would ask him/her what are your weak points and what are your strong
points. Go from there.
Talk to him/her about some of the problems that your firm had and see
what the person responds, but don't expect the poor CCIE to solve it for you
in a second. But he/she should have an idea as to where to look, from that
you should know the depth of his/her knowledge.
If you or the interviewer is experienced enough, the second this person
opens his/her mouth, you should know the depth of his knowledge.

But once again, CCIEs are not gods, they can have a bad day as well. I
personally like to focus on the person's attitude and personality, obviously
he/she got the CCIE cert, which means that the person either knows or knew
the stuff and can easily pick up the info.

My 2 Cent.

On 12/5/07, darth router <darklordrouter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok guys,
> there was a thread a while back talking about dumbass CCIE's. As I prefer
> not to be the dumbest CCIE on the planet, help me out with questions that
> you might ask a CCIE candidate in an interview. I have had some brutal
> interviews since I became IE. Honestly the questions seem a bit basic so
> far, but I have had some really in depth questions about spanning-tree,
> troubleshootin real world EIGRP scenarios, etc.. that really caught me off
> guard. It's not that I could not have solved these issues, had I been
> there
> logged into the routers, its explaining things we take for granted can be
> tough, especially in interviews. It seems like a lot of
> people are amazed that a CCIE couldn't answer this or that question.
> Personally, I am trying to come up with a knowledge maintanance plan,
> like reading a chapter in the exam cert guide every week. The tasks I
> do not do on a daily basis fade quickly.
> I have of late been going way back to basics, reading up on TCP/IP flows,
> Ethernet, ARP, looking at packet sniffing traces, etc.. Someone made
> mention
> of the CAM table populating entries, so I read up on that too.
> I certainly don't know everything, but I would love to. Care to give me
> some
> example questions you might ask a CCIE in an interview, or technologies
> you
> would expect to have him/her to have down pat?
> DR
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Narbik Kocharians
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