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Re: Benjamin-Ng - CCIE-Voice-Practice-Labs posted 12/03/2007
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Whenever looking for a book, I always check this site to 'sniff' the cheapest price from various booksellers. Typically, the winner is Bookpool if I'm looking for a new copy from one of the big vendors. But, you can use the website (as in this case), to see if any booksellers offer this book for sale.

Here's the website:

When I do a search by the ISBN that's supplied in the link from Mr. 'Frog':

We find one seller (Abebooks) offering the book (watch the wrap):

However, in this one case, this page seems EXTREMELY bogus (especially with the price being $84). I have to lean toward Brad's comments on this and not what Abebooks is offering. I can only suggest you email Abebooks for verification.

HTH (and buyer beware),
Sean C #17085

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Subject: Benjamin-Ng - CCIE-Voice-Practice-Labs

Has this book ever been published?

i can't find this on amazon or anywhere.....on this planet!!

at least all major search engines couldn't give me a clue!!


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